Cuisine & Culture

“Exploring Culture through Food”


What We Do

Study how culture is preserved through food.

Analyze intersections of foods with culture and history.

Experience foodways from global cultures to farming cultures.

Why Cuisine & Culture

We first began exploring global culinary arts during the summer of 1975 by serving as a Teacher-Counselor in a Foods, Fashions & Furnishing course (Western Europe).  We’ve continued culinary studies in over 35 countries.

We developed and taught culinary courses for secondary, university and adult education participants.  We’ve also served as Business Planning Consultants for the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers and Fisherman (TAA) initiative.


Beekeeping has always been an integral part of the African American community. When Tuskegee Institute was established beekeeping was part of the curriculum. To download an annotated bibliography click here.