Lawton International

“Adult & Higher Education throughout the Global Arena”


What We Do

Lawton International provides adult education throughout the global arena.

Why Lawton International?

My view of teaching adult learners is very eclectic.  This comes from experience with university level teaching, providing corporate training and facilitating diverse community based education programs.

First and foremost I know that all participants can learn any material.  The key is to use a variety of methods so that no one will be left out.  Each participant has an opportunity to be successful and success breed success.  Our participants are exposed to field based assignments, group work, projects, panels, guest lecturers, field trips, presentations, book reviews, portfolios, case studies – the methods continue… Adult participants have much to offer and so share their life experiences throughout the courses in many ways.  Classes are performance based – participants actually “do” what we study.

I’m a strong proponent of life long learning.  I got my library card as soon as it was allowed (6 years old) and have been reading every since.  For many years I enjoyed reading novels but that soon changed to reading for information gathering.  I constantly complete courses, both credit and non-credit.  I’ve been blessed to travel to over thirty countries, which remains an education in itself.  These trips represent work/service, completing graduate courses and vacations.   My desire is to provide additional training throughout the African Diaspora.  I feel that professional development is an important component of life long learning.   I’m active in professional organizations related to my work.  I encourage my participants to do the same.  I begin exposing them by making sure all are aware of related conferences, lectures and meetings.